Taconic Expands its Presence

July 29, 2007

Taconic Farms is making its presence known in the Indiana Gateway Industrial Park located at I 70 and Indiana 1 in Wayne County.

The New York-based breeder of rodents used in scientific research has recently added two isolated barrier units (IBUs) – small buildings in which the animals are raised – bringing the total number of IBUs at the Wayne County facility to ten. And, if the company continues to grow at its present rate, Taconic director Kevin Behan predicts that by the end of 2008, the total number of IBUs on the site will exceed the original estimate of twenty.

Although the Wayne County facility was originally intended to only supply customers in the Midwest, Behan says that delivery routes to New York and California have recently been added.

And, it’s not only the number of buildings and delivery routes that are growing; with 55 employees currently on the company’s payroll, it is anticipated that Taconic will need double that number within the next three to four years.

This comes as good news to Jim Dinkle, president of the Economic Development Corporation of Wayne County, who says that he hopes that Taconic’s presence will help to attract more life science and agri-life science industry to the region.

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