Three New Tenants to Fill Spaces at Richmond Village

December 3, 2007

Cincinnati firm Anchor Properties confirmed that three tenants would fill the remaining office space at a plaza in Richmond Village.  The tenants will be hair styling chain Great Clips, video game store Play N Trade and The Cellular Connection.

Aspen Dental and Starbucks moved into the plaza earlier this year. Chipotle Mexican Grill is expected to open soon, though Chipotle spokesperson Chris Arnold was not available for comment. Contractors were nearly finished with the 71-person capacity restaurant.

Great Clips, one of the restaurant's future neighbors, started in 1982 in Minneapolis.  The store has more than 2,600 salons throughout Canada and the United States and nearly 30,000 stylists.

California-based video game retailer Play N Trade will look to open a location by spring 2008.  The store typically employs four people and specializes in buying, selling and trading video games, video game consoles and cell phones.

The Cellular Connection will open a second store despite its current location less than a mile away.  The store should open around Feb. 1 and will have three employees. The Cellular Connection sells Verizon cell phones, Verizon wireless Internet accessories in addition to serving as a DISH network supplier.

Grever said Anchor Properties is pleased with the way the plaza turned out and suggested another business could locate there. There is a patch of land southwest of Kohl's that has attracted some attention, he said. "There's some fairly active conversation with tenants to phase that development," Grever said. "We think that area can support another 50,000 square feet of retail."

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