Tim Hortons Plans to Come to Richmond’s West Side

November 27, 2007

Canadian-based baked goods and coffee company Tim Hortons announced Monday its plans to build a restaurant in Richmond by mid-2008.  The 24-hour restaurant, which would be the first Tim Hortons in Indiana, would be on the west side of town across from Arby's.

"We are currently building stores in the Dayton (Ohio) television market and Richmond is in the only county in Indiana that falls in that market," said Doug Baldwin, a real estate manager for the company. The store will employ 25 to 30 people and one-third of those jobs will be full-time.

Baldwin said the store does not have a local owner, but the company will move ahead with its plans.  "We'd like to have local franchisees because it's a local business," he said. "Our store owners are the type of people you see in the stores.  "We have multiple franchisees in Dayton and we could go that route, but we are looking for a new franchisee."

The demographics on Richmond's west side were attractive enough to make a move away from the fast-food and retail-heavy east side, he said.   Advantages to the west side -the population is dense, there is Earlham and the high school, and the government offices are right across the river. 

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