Really Cool Foods Deal Draws More Interest in Area

October 5, 2007

Companies called and visited Wayne County on Thursday after a major economic development announcement the day before.

Really Cool Foods announced Wednesday it would be the newest tenant at the Indiana Gateway Industrial Park in Cambridge City. The company plans to employ 1,000 people and by 2008 wants to invest $100 million to build a 77,000-square-foot U.S. Department of Agriculture-certified organic manufacturing center.  During a five- to seven-year period, additional facilities should be added.

Since the announcement, companies from across the nation have called the Economic Development Corporation of Wayne County's office to see if they can be involved with Really Cool Foods' arrival.

"We've just been telling them to call Really Cool Foods," said EDC President and CEO Jim Dinkle.  Dinkle and his team met with another company interested in Richmond and later today will meet with another company.

Really Cool Foods, when searching for a place to expand, contacted Secretary of Commerce Nathan Feltman's office and asked for its assistance in trying to find a site.  Feltman believed there were four sites in the state that fit the needs of Really Cool Foods.

On May 8, Dinkle and his 12-person team met with Really Cool Foods during a site visit.  “Representatives from different sectors ranging from a utility company to local government officials to an Indiana finance law expert answered questions during the on-site visit, we truly tried to make it one-stop shopping," he said.

The price of land, work force availability and an investment in infrastructure were some of the points local and state officials made to attract Really Cool Foods.  "(Infrastructure) is important to companies that have to get their goods to the market," said Feltman, who is also the CEO of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation.  "They also of course have to be assured that the work force is available, and we worked with the local EDC to make sure that it was available."

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