Richmond Village

November 9, 2006

Walgreens, a national pharmacy and convenience store, recently became the third store to open its doors in Richmond Village.

Walgreens joins Kohl’s and Fisch’s Big Boy Restaurant in the Richmond Village shopping center located on east Main Street and brings with it 34 new jobs. According to information supplied by the company, the store carries 25,000 every-day items such as cosmetics, medications, small electronics, dairy and grocery items. The Richmond Village location also has a drive-through pharmacy and the capability to process automatic prescription refills.

Plans have also been finalized to open an 1,800 square-foot Starbuck’s. The popular coffee shop, which will feature the company’s signature beverages and pastries, will also have a drive-through window. The shop is scheduled to open during the summer and will employ 20 to 30 workers.

Meanwhile, progress on the Richmond Village’s fourth building which will be occupied by Mernard’s, is proceeding according to schedule.  The store will include a 160,000 square-foot interior store; the remainder of the 225,000 square-feet of covered space will house an interior “yard” and exterior warehouse. Scheduled to open in the fall, Mernard’s will employ up to 200 full-and part-time workers.  

In addition, four or five small businesses are slated to occupy a 10,000 square foot “neighborhood center” along east Main Street in Richmond Village. The tenants for these buildings have not yet been publicly named.

Phase Two of the project, which will commence when the “neighborhood center” is completed, will result in the development of six acres which will be targeted specifically to middle-sized (20,000 – 30,000 square feet) stores. It is anticipated that is phase will be completed by spring 2008.

This information has been provided by Rhett Baumgartner Commercial Real Estate to keep our clients and customers informed about our company and the Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana real estate market.