Businesses are movin' on up to the... east side

August 27, 2006

Development in Richmond Indiana, particularly on the city’s east side, is occurring at a rapid pace.

Richmond City Planner Scott Zimmerman says that the amount of commercial and residential construction activity currently taking place throughout the city is as high as he has seen during his three years on the job. Zimmerman also noted that in addition to keeping local contractors busy, the new development is an important step toward keeping local shoppers in the city.

While the majority of this development is currently taking place on the city’s east side, Zimmerman is confident that this development will soon extend to the area near the new hospital on Chester Boulevard, the Williamsburg Pike interchange at Interstate 70 and into downtown Richmond.

And it’s not only the local residents who will be spending their money in these stores. Dennis Andrews, Richmond-Wayne County Chamber of Commerce President Dennis Andrews added that the new development will help “pull people off the interstate”.

One such project is Richmond Village, a retail shopping area that is rising on the former Hayes Arboretum site. Already committed to this project are Fisch’s, Walgreen’s, Kohl’s, Menards, and Starbucks.

These construction projects are also benefiting local businesses such as hotels and restaurants. Sachin Patel, manager of Motel 6, says that the number of guests seeking weekly accommodations has risen, thanks mostly to out-of-town construction workers who stay at the motel during the work week.

Other development projects currently underway on Richmond’s east side include West End Bank, Buffalo Wings and Rings, Aldi’s, the Ramsey Development nursing complex, Hampton Inn & Suites, and the Arbor trace assisted senior living facility.

This information has been provided by Rhett Baumgartner Commercial Real Estate to keep our clients and customers informed about our company and the Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana real estate market.