Education will drive job growth

April 16, 2006

Some wide-reaching changes in Indiana’s higher education standards are expected to result in state-wide economic development. These changes are particularly significant in the city of Richmond which is home to several higher education campuses.

One of the most significant changes is the announcement that Indiana University East will follow the lead of IU Bloomington in implementing more stringent admissions standards. The new standards go into effect with the Class of 2011, most of whom will enter the university in Fall 2007. These tougher standards will result in more rigorous academic programs which should ultimately bring a greater amount of economic competitiveness to the region.

The tougher admissions standards stand to benefit other area institutions as well. As gaining acceptance to IU Bloomington and its regional campuses becomes more difficult, enrollment at community colleges across the state, including Richmond’s Ivy Tech Community College, is expected to climb as more and more students turn to these settings as a transitional step toward pursuing their degree. Even public high schools are expected to feel the effect as they will likely be required to make curriculum changes in order to better prepare students for college.

Finally, the recent approval of two new degree programs at IU East, including the campus’s first graduate program, provides yet another example of the state’s commitment to higher education.

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